It Might Be A Cliche, But Women Often Come Out Worse In A Divorce

Avoiding getting into a battle of the sexes it is an unfortunate truth that women do come out worse than their husbands when it comes to a divorce.

There’s an often found figure on the internet stating a women’s  standard of living declined by 73 percent after divorce, while a mans improved by a massive 42 percent.  It turns out these are an exaggeration. But the figures still make for some serious reading. (The real figures are more like a 27 percent drop for women and a 10 Percent increase for men)

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There are on 24 percent of marriages where women are responsible for the day to day financial decisions, and of course, in most homes, it comes to an unbundling of two sets of income.  How then do women best protect themselves when it comes to coming out of a divorce at least on the level.

One of the first things a divorce lawyer orlando fl would advocate is getting a thorough handle on the ins and outs of the financial situation. Understanding the whole picture is the best first step to getting a true and equitable step.

The next thing is to recognize that basic child support does not cover the expense of raising a child it covers their basic needs and it stops there. There are many other expenses – shoes for example, especially for a teenage boy. Not to mention health care or other unexpected issues.

Like many things in life, it is about being aware of the facts. You need to know all the bank accounts, including their numbers and passwords. You need access to the savings accounts and then the properties that are held throughout the marriage.

Getting a full picture is the only way to prevent getting the worse end of a rotten situation.